i gave this to meg turney while at a convention and she said she was gonna put it on her fanart wall 8’)


Gus and Burnie weren’t on the podcast today and the kids really let loose on the butt talk. I implore you to watch it when you can if you haven’t already. 

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I laughed so hard, I had to. I just HAD to. And I was also practicing ridiculous faces and Michael became a victim ; w ;

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So I hit 1000 followers. That’s a big number. Not super big, but big enough, we could take over a small city-state if we were so inclined. But anyway, I’m super grateful for this, believe it or not! I’m so happy with where my blog’s gone in the past year and my followers are the best followers of any followers ever. Of all time.

Alrighty, so, last time I did a giveaway, it went great, so I figured it’s time for round two.

This is an Art/ RT Merch Giveaway (wowie)

I’ll be giving away four pieces of art, differing in complexity and what not, as well as a three month sponsorship on the Rooster Teeth site [crowds oohing]

Alright, so this is how it’s gonna go down. There will be five winners. The deadline for first place is October 1st, the deadline for all other places will be October 20th

Reblog to enter, mbf me

No giveaway blogs (I’ll be checking), and please be mindful of your followers when reblogging

If the winner chosen doesn’t respond to my ask within 24 hours I’ll choose another winner, so have your ask box open.

  • First Place - A three month RT Sponsorship or anything from the RT store totaling $20 or less before shipping, as well as your choice of a drawing from me! Any style from a sketch to full on painting, up to three characters/people!
  • Second Place -  One month RT sponsorship or Anything from the RT store totaling $11 or less before shipping, a piece of art by me, any style from sketch to full color, full body and up to three characters allowed.
  • Third Place anything from the RT store totaling $6 or less before shipping. A piece by me! Can be any style ranging from a sketch to a full color picture. Full body and up to three characters
  • Fourth Place - A piece by me, any style ranging from sketch to flat colors. Torso + up, can be up to two characters
  • Fifth Place - An MS Paint piece by eggward (aka yousmellsweaty)

If you choose a traditional medium for any piece, be aware that I can send it to you free of charge. (This of course means I would need your address, so be comfortable giving me that!)

Thanks for your time, and thanks again to you thousand cool cats who got me here! <3

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that time ray was like “i bring the comedy” and geoff waslike “where thte fuck do u bring it bc its not here”

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Ray’s old journal entries are great, for obvious reasons. but have you considered…





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I’m attempting to follow every Roosterteeth blog possible so if you happen to be one and would like another follower just do the like or reblog thing



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thelindsayjones is the top (even when she falls down)

(trying out kiddybro's style)

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