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image King Geoff

image King Ryan

image King Ray

image King Mogar

imageKing Gavin

and I don’t want leave him out even though he not got a Kingship I gave Jack a flower crown :] image and some in his beard 

crowns and costumes based on dinousb-art's cool art

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all right so here is the run down of commonly confused ramsey-free cats because i’m a huge nerd who loves cats

ruby aka “egg,” she’s gavin’s cat from the ramsey house:





issac, he’s geoff’s cat:





opal is griffon’s cat:




lloyd, he lives with gavin’s parents and is the one in the smg videos:


smee, gavin’s cat at his house with meg:





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we talking about the same achievement hunter? (x)


so violent

they are literally big babies pretending to be adults

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Ah, poor guy..

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So my boyfriend(top picture) has this beard that’s super long and he’s thinking of shaving it soon, but we wanted to do something fun with is before he shaves it.

We’re gonna do something like the bottom picture, except we’re gonna put the beard in “pig tails” and make his chin into a little girl named Mandy. Why Mandy? I don’t fucking know.

I was hoping you guys would send me some questions so we can make a video out of it!  If you have any weird/funny questions that we can ask Mandy, send me a message!  We could really use some good ones!

Feel free to reblog so we can get a really good video going!

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Rooster Teeth Alignments

I spent my whole evening on this jfc

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this is super late but i finally did something for king gavin!

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I've noticed lately that the hard work Geoff puts in on a daily basis has begun to be shown a little. Is this intentional to show people that AH involves hard work?


This is not intentional. Achievement Hunter produces a lot of content each week, and most of that content follows a specific schedule. Geoff is in charge of managing all of AH’s content (besides GameFails and Community Videos) which means he typically plans the Let’s Play, builds it, makes sure people are around to film, and then leads it. It takes a high amount of creativity to come up with so many ideas and when you combine that with the energy required to be entertaining in a video it would break most people down within weeks. He has done this for years. Now, with Lazer Team, Extra Life, out of Country conventions, he needs to plan out everything and get it recorded far in advance as today is the day until late November that we will have the full AH staff in office. It is a lot for one man to handle. This is also why we hired Steffie. She is slowly taking over the roll of managing our schedules and making sure we have the right people when we need them and making sure we are ahead on all videos at all times. She will be Geoff’s savior.

A prime example of how crazy it’s gotten, the below status is from last night when Geoff and I went to grab drinks, relax, and catch up on each others non-work lives. Instead, Geoff was stressed about coming up with ideas for GTA V Let’s Plays, GO!, and TTDI so he can make sure we have enough ideas to last until mid December. So instead of catching up, we spend 90 minutes brainstorming. He then went home to spend time with his daughter for a couple hours before she went to bed. As soon as she was asleep, he then spent hours building future GTA Let’s Plays.

A lot of people don’t understand how much work goes into releasing so much content. Most of us in AH work over 8 hours each day, and Geoff, Lindsay, Michael, and Gavin have the worst of it. Geoff because he runs the show, the other 3 because they are working on most RT related projects. And while it may seem like playing video games for a living would be easy, it’s not. In fact, I’m writing this at 8:30am, 90 minutes after I arrived this morning, while Michael and Lindsay both got in at 7:45 in order to catch up on work. Michael is recording Rage Quit and Lindsay is editing away. They came in that early with the knowledge that AH plans to be in office from 9am-9pm today in order to get far enough ahead on videos with the full crew before people go to work on Lazer Team or travel to conventions.

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